Our philosophy
Everyday Dog was established for the "everyday dog" and their family. We focus on the household pet and provide effective training and solutions to learning to live together in todays society. We all want a dog that is well behaved, well liked and well adjusted in our crazy and fast paced lives. Many dogs do not get given a chance to become a great pet and a valuable member of the family due to not enough time spent teaching the dog how to live in our world. Dogs and people are very different from one another and both ends of the leash need to learn how to understand and communicate with each other. Dogs don’t speak or understand verbal language and we don’t communicate well non-verbally. Our classes and training will help you both to learn how to communicate well together. When you understand each other and you have established the leadership role, living with a dog is an absolute joy!

We don't use physical, intimidating techniques that make dogs live in fear of us. We teach our dogs to think and as a result, we create happy and healthy dogs. We use positive and proven techniques that will get results in a gentle yet firm manner. We focus on teaching the dog to know what we want and how to get them to respond to us. Dogs don’t come to us with listening skills but that is where training comes in. Teach your dog to understand you, know the rules and be motivated to follow them. Using modern, up to date methods, to keep your dog’s temperament intact and work with your dog, will ensure that your relationship with your pet will be a long and happy one.

Our Trainers

Allison Berry (head trainer and owner of Everyday Dog)


Allison holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with an Animal Science major which she received from the University of Guelph in 1996. She has always been interested in training especially canine behavior. Allison has been training people and their dogs in the tri-cities area since 1998. Her experience includes instructing thousands of dogs (and their people), including her own, in all levels of obedience, agility, tricks, flyball and freestyle. She also spends a lot of her time helping people in their homes with private training needs and behavior consultations.


Clients say they find it easy dealing with Allison as she is always approachable, easy to understand and very knowledgeable about dogs and their behavior. She goes beyond the classroom by making herself available to help with any issue at any time. Allison instructs all levels of obedience, tricks and agility at our Cambridge facility as well as being the behavior trainer that will come to your home if you need a consultation. She proudly owns a beautiful Golden Retriever named Mackenzie, who is 7. You’ll see Mac perform on the Everyday Dog demo team at local events and as the wise puppy educator in Kinderpuppy classes and play groups. She is also owned by a long haired kitty named Greystone.


Allison enjoys giving demonstrations and educating people about dogs and their behavior. She is a regular guest presenter at the KW Humane Society in their Animaniacs Summer and March Break camps, THINK sessions, Animal Associates and their annual dog walk. The Everyday Dog Demo team, headed by Allison, also provides the support and demonstration for the Cambridge Humane Society dog walk every year.


To contact Allison directly, please email her at info@everydaydog.ca




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